Mutated Battle Breaks Vol. 2 by Mark Broom

UK techno legend Mark Broom returns to Rekids Special Projects with Vol. 2 of his Mutated Battle Breaks series.

Mutated Battle Breaks Vol. 2 by Mark Broom Photo by Rekids Special Projects
Endless Possibilities

Following the acclaimed "Funfzig LP" on Rekids earlier this year, as well as the first volume of ‘Mutated Battle Breaks', UK stalwart Mark Broom returns to the Rekids universe with another set of eight fully charged techno bombs for Radio Slave's techno-focussed imprint in "Mutated Battle Breaks Vol. 2".

From the punchy stabs of opener "Recessive" through to the deep and bumping "Pump", Broom turns in a masterclass in high-energy techno tools. With the quality remaining as consistent as the 4/4 kicks across both sides of the record, "Mutated Battle Breaks Vol. 2" is set to make an appearance in the record bags and USBs of any techno DJs worth their salt worldwide.

Releasing on labels such as Rekids, M-Plant, and Blueprint, the wildly prolific Broom has consistently been at the forefront of the techno scene for decades with his gritty, groove-based output while, away from the dancefloor, his The Fear Ratio project with James Ruskin continues to win critical acclaim.

Mark Broom - Mutated Battle Breaks Vol. 2
Release Date December 2021
Label Rekids Special Projects

A1. Recessive
A2. April
A3. Game
A4. The Start Up
B1. Inside The Rave
B2. Gummies
B3. Jam
B4. Pump

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