Words For Snow EP by Winter Son. Photo by: Stem Records
PHOTO BY Stem Records

Words For Snow EP by Winter Son


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 12th of Jul 2015 URL Bookmark

Stem Records returns with a new EP from Manchester's Winter Son, comprising of two original tracks and remixes from Germany's Baal and Neil Flynn.

Manchester’s Winter Son has been releasing material under this guise since 2013, most notably alongside fellow Mancunian Jozef K which has seen him grace labels such as Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, Let’s Play House and the legendary Skint imprint. Here we see Winter Son join the roster of Stem Records, a label launched out of Manchester and home to material from Legowelt, Lake People and Mind Against.

Opening up the EP is ‘Polar Vanquish’ which sees Winter Son deliver a haunting slice of Techno fuelled by bubbling arpeggio bass tones, expansive atmospherics and vacillating drum sounds. ‘Veil Over World’ follows and retains a similar murky and ethereal feel with snaking bell-chime melodies, dubby stab echoes and rumbling sub tones.

On the flip side we see two remixes offered up, the first of which comes from Musica Autonomica’s Baal who rework ‘Polar Vanquish’ into a smoothly flowing, energetic composition led by drawn out bass tones, unfaltering stab sequences and an insistent rhythmic drive. Neil Flynn’s take on ‘Veil Over World’ then shapes things up on a stripped and hypnotic tip to complete the package.

Winter Son - Words For Snow EP
Release date 16th July 2015
Label Stem Records

1. Polar Vanquish (Original Mix)
2. Veil Over World (Original Mix)
3. Polar Vanquish (BAAL Remix)
4. Veil Over World (Neil Flynn Remix)

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