Where's The Party by Prok | Fitch

Definitive house label Repopulate Mars keep up their superb run of releases with a new release from Prok & Fitch entitled Where's The Party.

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For more than a decade, UK pair Ben Prok and James Fitch have released on an impressive stream of labels such as Relief Records, Sola, Solid Grooves Records and Repopulate Mars, dropping their huge "The Homie" on the latter imprint last year. They now make their second appearance on Lee Foss's label and once again serve up razor sharp tracks designed to go off whilst finding a perfect sweet spot be- tween house and techno.

Featuring Kyozo, "Where's The Party" is a brilliantly physical affair with rock-solid kicks making for a driving groove. Trippy synths and bubbling, rugged bass flesh things out beneath the vocal stabs and a rave is sure to ensue when this one gets dropped.

Next up, "Griminess" is a little more paired back, with infectious drum loops bringing a rubbery funk and unhinged vocal samples, percussive sounds and odd FX all making it a playful yet effective tune run through with bursts of acid madness.

Prok & Fitch - Where's The Party
Release Date
February 2020
Label Repopulate Mars

1. Where's The Party feat Kyozo
2. Griminess
3. Where's The Party feat Kyozo (Radio Edit)

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Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 27th of Feb 2020

Section Music
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