Whatchu Know About Acid? by Anthony Mansfield & JP Soul. Photo by: Roam Recordings
PHOTO BY Roam Recordings

Whatchu Know About Acid? by Anthony Mansfield & JP Soul


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 5th of Nov 2015 URL Bookmark

These three cuts all masterfully weave together into a deep and exquisite acid journey by Anthony Mansfield & JP Soul. Roam Recordings certainly knows it's acid.


San Francisco disco warriors Anthony Mansfield and JP Soul are triumphant after the success of the Ode To Moulton EP, and their collaboration continues to yield funky fruit, most recently with the top track “Everything Is Real.” No laurel-resting for these two … they’ve already bounced back with a brand new release for Roam Recordings, the tauntingly titled Watchu Know About Acid? EP.

303-fueled mischief abounds as the pair fries circuit boards and brain cells alike with three tracks firmly planted in acid house territory. The title track launches the release, grooving to a sexy beat as drum machines and acid lines conspire with a refreshingly human feel.

“Two Girlfriends” follows, getting down and gritty into a rhythmic, psychedelic romp driven by an insistent and heavy bass synth pulse.

“Time-lapse” closes out the proceedings, delving deeper into a moody hypnotic world of distorted and tripped-out sounds.

Anthony Mansfield & JP Soul - Whatchu Know About Acid?
Release Date October 2015
Label Roam Recordings

1. Whatchu Know About Acid?
2. Two Girlfriends
3. Time-lapse

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