What To Do by Yungness & Jaminn. Photo by: Desolat Music GroupPHOTO BY Desolat Music Group

What To Do by Yungness & Jaminn

After appearing on Amine Edge & DANCE's latest EP on Desolat last time out, Yungness and Jaminn now step out with their own thrilling two tracker.


This young French pair have long been backed by Desolat boss Loco Dice and their French mentors Amine Edge & Dance, as well as releasing on Cuff and Too Many Rules and making waves with their high energy DJ set at this year's ADE.

Here they show off their studio skills with the mighty "What To Do", which has burrowing bass and drilling drums all pumping the groove. Whirring synths, clipped vocal stabs and percussive energy all whip you into a frenzy as this one barrels along with real attitude.

Then comes "Bang" which is a superbly lively house cut filled with personality. The bass and drums are tight and kinetic, vocal yelps bring the party and synth stabs layer in soul and colour.

These are two devastating new tunes that mark out Yungness and Jaminn as vital new talents.

Yungness & Jaminn - What To Do
Release Date
December 2019
Label Desolat

1. What To Do
2. Bang

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Author Julian Shay
Published 3rd of Jan 2020

Section Music
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