Want Some EP by My Favorite Robot. Photo by: My Favorite Robot Records
PHOTO BY My Favorite Robot Records

Want Some EP by My Favorite Robot


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 5th of Apr 2017 URL Bookmark

Making a long overdue return to their own label is My Favorite Robot, the Canadian duo who offer up two brand new tracks and a third re-edit.

Jared Simms and Voytek Korab have built up an assured discography on this label as well as Hypercolour, Visionquest and No.19 Music, all at the same time as gigging around the world and A&Ring likeminded synth craftsmen to release on their revered eponymous imprint. Their own sound is mature and musical, and brings real emotion to their sleek dancefloor grooves.

First up here is the fantastic ‘Want Some,’ a tune as confrontational as the name suggests, with a prying bass synth zipping about under crisp hits and hats. Rooted by rich kick drums, trademark melodic pads and skittish, steppy keys shoot about up top to bring a sleek cosmic feel. The result is brilliantly dramatic and futuristic.  

Then comes ‘Think Anymore’, an ever-more direct track but again one with a rasping bassline and whole ecosystem of melodies, keys and pads that bring real light to the track. It’s high tempo, tight and sure to kick start any floor that hears it. A re-edit of the same track closes out the EP, and does so with a more playful feel thanks to the layers of dancing piano chords and broad synth drones that get carefully added in. Like the soundtrack to a police chase, it’s fun yet urgent and widescreen.

This is another briliantly well crafted offering from one of dance music's most skilled studio outfits.

My Favorite Robot - Want Some EP
Release Date 14th April 2017
Label My Favorite Robot Records

1. Want Some
2. Think Anymore (Original)
3. Think Anymore (Re-edit)

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