David Morales. Photo by: Ultra Music
PHOTO BY Ultra Music

The Xperience by David Morales, Quentin Harris & Hector Romero


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sat. 28th of Feb 2015 URL Bookmark

Def Mix Music releases another David Morales jam but this time he is joined by fellow Def Mixers Quentin Harris and Hector Romero.

The single “Xperience”  comes in two versions, a NYC Mix and a Demo Mix. It was created while gathered together at Camp David studio. Each suffering from various DJ physical disorders (flu, jet lag, etc.) the groove was laid down and the “Xperience” was brought to life.
The NYC Mix is a percussion driven groove featuring the legendary Steve Thornton. The Demo Mix is the original concept of The Xperience. They're both driving and energetic with hypnotic synths and effects.  
Morales in league with Harris and Romero have cooked up some real house heat that has us ready for the arrival of Spring!

David Morales featuring Quentin Harris & Hector Romero present - The Xperience
Release date 9th March 2015
Label Def Mix Music

1. The Xperience (NYC Mix)
2. The Xperience (Demo Mix)

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