The Modern Sound Of Yesterday EP by DoubtingThomas. Photo by: Amam Records
PHOTO BY Amam Records

The Modern Sound Of Yesterday EP by DoubtingThomas


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 23rd of Apr 2015 URL Bookmark

Italian imprint Amam Records offers up The Modern Sound Of Yesterday EP coming courtesy of Germany based producer DoubtingThomas.

Aurélien Alain Francis Riviére aka DoubtingThomas has been delivering material since under this guise since 2008 most notably via reputable imprints like Metroline Limited where he made his start, Little Helpers, Archipel and Organic Music. Here Riviére makes a return to the Amam imprint following his ‘Capon’s Method’ EP earlier in the year, offering up more of his signature atmosphere infused, percussive led style.

Opening composition ‘Modulé’ sees DoubtingThomas kick things off with wandering jazz samples and growling bass drones running alongside low slung rhythms, whirring background sweeps and hypnotic vocal murmurs. ‘Sch'feld’ follows and lays its focus on smooth ethereal pad sequences, modulating percussive textures and a snaking sub bass groove laid out over its six minute duration.

Then on the flip side DoubtingThomas opens with ‘Anpe’ retaining a similar aesthetic to the preceding track with murky pads carrying the record, while resonant synth glitches and processed bell chimes add detail and charm to the record. Then to round things up ‘Miss Jikeli’ veers things into darker realms with menacing acidic bass licks, mind bending horn lines and a bumpy rhythmic swing.

DoubtingThomas - The Modern Sound Of Yesterday EP
Release date 18th May 2015
Label Amam Records

1. Modulé
2. Sch’feld
3. Anpe
4. MissJikeli

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