The Masquerade EP by Whitesquare. Photo by: Gruuv Recordings
PHOTO BY Gruuv Recordings

The Masquerade EP by Whitesquare


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 20th of Feb 2018 URL Bookmark

Gruuv Recordings releases Whitesquare's "The Masquerade EP", backed with a remix from Pezzner. A rather interesting EP with insatiable grooves and sounds destined for greatness.


Rome based Lyase Recordings co-owner Whitesquare has been steadily making a name for himself over the past five years via material on leading imprints such as Mobilee, 20/20 Vision, Culprit and of course his own Lyase label. Here though we see him joining Audiojack’s Gruuv label for his first release of 2018.

"Solivagant" opens the release and sees Whitesquare fuse metallic percussive chimes and organic drum shuffles with airy atmospherics and elongated sub bass drones to set the tone perfectly ahead of Pezzner’s more up-tempo approach to "Solivagant" which tips the focus over acid arpeggios and tension building sweeps whilst keeping the core percussive edge of the original.

"Makgeolli" follows and this time round Whitesquare instils a melodic musicality to things via an unfolding bass hook, hypnotic arp leads and airy string like atmospherics which ebb and flow through his signature organic percussive swing. "Tzom" then closes the package of a deeper tip with billowing plucked delayed, marimba like percussive melodies and emotive pads to beautifully round out the EP.

Whitesquare - The Masquerade EP
Release Date
February 2018
Label Gruuv Recordings

1. Solivagant
2. Solivagant (Pezzner Remix)
3. Makgeolli
4. Tzom

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