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The Extended Family Part 4 by Leftroom Records


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 25th of Mar 2015 URL Bookmark

Leftroom Records return with a four-track release entitled The Extended Family Part 4, featuring tracks from Hector, Montel, Marcman and Neil Parkes.

The Leftroom imprint has built up quite the impressive roster in recent years with the likes of DJ Bone, Jay Haze and Steve Lawler making the imprint a home for their output and here it continues its Extended Family series, which has featured the likes of Blakkat, H-Foundation and Laura Jones previously. This time round the label shines some light on some of Leftroom’s core acts for the future, namely Desolat’s Hector, Let’s Play House’s Montel, and two up and coming talents, Marcman and Neil Parkes.

Opening up the release is Hector’s ‘A Clown Called Snapper’, which is featured on Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey’s fabric 81 mix compilation, the Mexican artist delivers his signature percussion-led style with a seven and a half minute bumpy workout. Montel’s ‘Control’ follows and lays the focus on shuffling rhythms, sweeping synth stabs and a hooky vocal uttering the track title.

On the flip side Romania’s Marcman provides another drum-led number, laid out over eight minutes with crunchy percussion, tension building strings and a wandering bass hook, while Neil Parkes follows up his ‘Me & You’ EP on Leftroom Ltd with ‘Come Back’ to round things off, providing an up- tempo hypnotic cut fuelled by processed vocal chops, warbling synths and chuggy bass licks.

Various Artists - The Extended Family Part 4
Release date 20th April 2015
Label Leftroom Records

1. Hector - A Clown Called Snapper
2. Montel - Control
3. Marcman - Aerophobic
4. Neil Parkes - Come Back

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