The Acid Test by Chris Coco's Honey. Photo by: Classic Music Company
PHOTO BY Classic Music Company

The Acid Test by Chris Coco's Honey


Author Scarlett Pares Landells in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 12th of Jun 2017 URL Bookmark

Recorded in a basement in Brighton, "The Acid Test" is a rarefied artifact of dance music history, representing DIY rave culture at it's most raw.

Excavated by Luke Solomon for a release on Classic including new mixes from himself and Chris Coco, and some particularly bonkers remixes from Knights of the Hunted (aka Crooked Man and Mark Brydon), this piece of acidic sugariness is pure nostalgic nectar for the ears.

From the original typewritten press release, 1987 - Honey says: “Every DJ seems to be making a record at the moment, but they’re not the ones who have to dance to the things. I thought, I go to clubs, so why can’t I have a go. So I asked the people at INSTANT to help me with the programming, dug out my brother’s old synthesizer, and put together this groove called the Acid Test. Then everyone had a go at remixing it, we cut the craziest version, and here it is, all ready for you to play. So get up, move, and get with the groove.”

Chris Coco's Honey - The Acid Test
Release Date 23rd June 2017
Label Classic Music Company

1. The Acid Test (Underwater Vocal Mix)
2. The Acid Test (Totally Tripped Out Club Dub)
3. The Acid Test (Knights Of The Hunted Royal Ky Jelly Mix)
4. The Acid Test (Luke & Chris Remake)
5. The Acid Test (Luke & Chris Remake Dub)
6. The Acid Test (Knights Of The Hunted Hunny Up The Bumble Mix)
7. The Acid Test (Knights Of The Hunted Hunny Up The B Side Mix)

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