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The 60 Best Techno Tracks Of 2014 by Mircea Ivan


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 8th of Dec 2014 URL Bookmark

Marking the end of the year in a big way is Mircea Ivan with his take on; The 60 Best Techno Tracks Of 2014. Prepare to start moving those feet, because this is good.

Marking the end of the year in a big way is Mircea Ivan with his take on; The 60 Best Techno Tracks Of 2014. Prepare to start moving those feet, because this is good.

1) Irradiation - Entropy (original mix) Temp Records
2) Chris Rusu - Still there (original mix) SCI+TEC
3) Whyt Noyz - One, two, four (original mix) Minus
4) Butch - LFO (original mix) Desolat
5) Shaded - Dwell (original mix) SCI+TEC
6) Wigbert - This and that (original mix) SCI+TEC
7) Johnny Trikka - Party wave (original mix) SCI+TEC
8) Whyt Noyz - In 95 (original mix) SCI+TEC
9) Shaded - Sheshe (original mix) Turbo Recordings
10) Plastikman - EXposed (original mix) Mute
11) The Junkies - Reality (original mix) Waveform
12) Nicole Moudaber - I know where I've been (original mix) Drumcode
13) Eric Sneo - Woodpecker from Mars (original mix) Waveform
14) Raffa Barios - Just do it (original mix) Stereo Productions
15) Paul Strive - Better (original mix) Transmit
16) Mladen Tomic - Global mind (original mix) SCI+TEC
17) GrooveBox, Jay Mocio - Start moving (D-Unity remix) Supermarket
18) Alex Mine - Jar (original mix) Waveform
19) Fabio Florido - Timeless (original mix) Minus
20) Bodyscrub, Tom Laws - Breaking the shadows (Mars Bill remix) Ground Factory
21) Paul Strive - Take this sound (original mix) Octopus Black
22) Miss Kittin, Dubfire - Exit (original mix) SCI+TEC
23) The Junkies - Angst (original mix) MOOD
24) Taster Peter - Speak with an audible voice (original mix) Extravaganza
25) D-Unity - Tic toc (original mix) Unity
26) The Junkies - Get down (original mix) SCI+TEC
27) Kalden Bess feat. Mountain Radio - Stoned (Factory edit) Ground Factory
28) The Japanese Popstars & Green Velvet - Matter of time (Coyu remix) Bedrock
29) Plastikman - EXpand (original mix) Mute
30) Alex Mine - Enigma (original mix) SCI+TEC
31) Radio Slave - Don't stop, no sleep (original mix) Nonplus
32) Testpilot - Sunspot - White Space Conflict (Pig & Dan remix) Plus 8
33) JPLS - Submerge (original mix) SCI+TEC
34) Mladen Tomic - Dance (original mix) SCI+TEC
35) Dubfire, Oliver Huntemann and Xenia Beliayeva - Agua (original mix) Ideal Audio
36) Dema - Damage (Tomy DeClerque remix) Redrum Music
37) Paco Osuna - Away from home (original mix) Minus
38) Jewel Kid - 2005 (original mix) Suara
39) Alan Fitzpatrick - We are forever young (original mix) Drumcode
40) Sam Paganini - Another chance (original mix) Drumcode
41) Carlo Ruetz - Floor to floor (Kaiserdisco edit) KD Music
42) DJ Boris, Jewel Kid - Submissive (original mix) Alleanza
43) Saso Recyd - Alnitak (original mix) SCI+TEC
44) Carl Cox - Kommen Zusammen (Joseph Capriati remix) Intec
45) Sam Paganini - Rave (original mix) Drumcode
46) Matt Sassari - Circu phage (D-Unity remix) Unity
47) Pig & Dan - Slash (original mix) Elevate
48) The Junkies - Revolution (original mix) Intec
49) Matador - Zoles (original mix) Minus
50) Sam Paganini - Shade (original mix) Driving Forces
51) Harvey McKay - Slip (original mix) Drumcode
52) Julian Jeweil - Rumble (original mix) Minus
53) Tomy DeClerque - Do you... (original mix) Intec
54) Whyt Noyz - Shift (original mix) SCI+TEC
55) Sasha Carassi - Framing effect (remastered mix) Phobiq
56) Maceo Plex - Conjure Balearia (original mix) Ellum
57) Ramiro Lopez & Coyu - That's not happening (original mix) Bedrock
58) Mircea Ivan - Formula (original mix) Comment After
59) Truncate - Concentrate (rework) Truncate
60) Plastikman - EXpire (original mix) Mute
61) Kobosil - Head (original mix) RK

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