Terminal End EP by Pisetzky

Label favourite Pisetzky returns to Just This as he delivers his latest three-track EP entitled Terminal End.

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A member of Hunter/Games' Just This label after making his production debut in June 2015, Italian talent Pisetzky has emerged as one of the core artists on the imprint, releasing a string of solo and collaborative material alongside the likes of Tom Trago, Primal and the label bosses themselves to date whilst also delivering productions via labels such as Balance, Oddity and Suara.

Following on from his latest contribution on the label "Raft" just over a year ago, December welcomes a fresh EP from the Milan-based DJ and producer entitled "Terminal End" as he reveals three solo productions that look set to make an impact to close the year in style for both artist and label.

Leading the charge, "Gate 57" opens the EP as rugged kicks guide rich lead synths and warping melodies throughout, before "Gate Connection" ups the energy, introducing further synth builds alongside entrancing arpeggios and choppy bass hits. Last up, title cut "Terminal End" closes proceedings as slick metallic drums go to work amongst blossoming highs and rich organ runs, shaping up another impressive offering from the rising Italian.

Pisetzky - Terminal End EP
Release Date
December 2019
Label Just This

1. Gate 57
2. Gate Connection
3. Terminal End

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Author Jake Price
Published 26th of Dec 2019

Section Music
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