Bleeping Sauce. Photo by: Alle Manzano
PHOTO BY Alle Manzano

Stories EP by Bleeping Sauce


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 24th of Oct 2014 URL Bookmark

Bleeping Sauce is the new live band project from esteemed Minus and Items&Things duo CLICK BOX who have teamed up with the highly talented Eli Iwasa & Marcos Taga.


Bleeping Sauce is the new live band project from esteemed Minus and Items&Things duo CLICK BOX who have teamed up with the highly talented Eli Iwasa & Marcos Taga. Presented here is a new EP from them on Meant that showcases their dynamic sound, it comes with three original tracks and a set of tasty remixes by Remote, Matt Walsh and Villanova.

Brazilians Marco A.S and Pedro Turra have been on top of the techno and minimal worlds since 2006 thanks to their inventive and abstract sounds on only the finest labels. This new project shows they have another feather to their bow and sees them explore a sinewy, lovably machine made sound.

‘Sounds and Stories’ goes first and is a space-age bit of dark wave tech funk with layers of gurgling synths, stark drums and a cool female vocal that adds tons of punk attitude to proceedings. Andrew Weatherall would lap this sort of tune up with its gothic disco vibes. ‘Set Time’ is another great bit of dark and dirty disco with searching synths, apocalyptic atmospheres and purposeful, live sounding drums. It squeals and shoots in many different directions at once as a corrugated bassline ties the whole thing together.  Then comes ‘Cherry Green’ with more aloof sounding female vocals, 80s dark wave drums and rubbery guitar lines. It’s a fine bit of work that sounds like little else out there and is beautifully sombre in mood.

First remixer Remote is a musical duo made up of Eric Guillanton and Seb Fouble, a pair recognized as one of the figureheads of the French electro scene. Their take on ‘Cherry Green’ is a filthy dirty, scuzzy and serrated synth laden slo-mo electro track that will send the ‘floor into raptures.

Next up is Matt Walsh, the Brit famed for being a unique sonic craftsmen who often DJs with Daniel Avery, is a Bugged Out regular and releases on Turbo and Phantasy Sound. His take on ‘Sounds and Stories’ is a moody late night affair with dazzling synth stabs, cooing female vocals and swathes of lovely echo and reverb that lend the track a hazy, dreamy air.

The young duet of Parisian producers that is Villanova, of labels like No.19 Music & My Favorite Robot, goes last with a remix of ‘Cherry Green’ that is turbo charged and tumultuous with big drums, spaceship like synths, bleepy melodies and generally manic robotic charm with an anthemic female vocal line up top.

With this release MEANT introduce the world to what is sure to be an essential new project from the Click Box boys.

Bleeping Sauce - Stories EP
Release date 3rd November 2014
Label Meant Records

1. Sounds And Stories (Original Mix)
2. Set Time (Original Mix)
3. Cherry Green (Original Mix)
4. Cherry Green (Remote Remix)
5. Sounds and Stories (Matt Walsh Remix)
6. Cherry Green (Villanova Remix)

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Bleeping Sauce
Meant Records



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