Sprout Music presents Appetizer. Photo by: D-Nox & Beckers
PHOTO BY D-Nox & Beckers

Sprout Music presents Appetizer


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 9th of Jun 2014 URL Bookmark

D-Nox & Beckers present their new smashing release Appetizer on Sprout Music.

D-Nox & Beckers present their new smashing release Appetizer on Sprout Music. Their collaboration is born out of a shared vision of musical inspiration and they are still rocking the charts, since more than 7 years.

Working as a perfect fusion of studio expertise and an impeccable dancefloor touch, this creative combination of Christian “D-Nox” Wedekind and Frank Beckers has become an unfailing source of massive grooves.

With this new release, including their original title-track as well as a remix by Greek producer Dousk (Bedrock/Proton), they are re-affirming their undeniable talent. Enjoy 'Appetizer' planned for June 19th inside the best stores around the globe.

D-Nox & Beckers - Appetizer
Release date 19th June 2014
Label Sprout Music

1. Appetizer (Original Mix)
2. Appetizer (Dousk Remix)

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