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Spring Tube Records presents Surreal Things


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 7th of Oct 2011 URL Bookmark

It's the full single release for one of the tracks from their second sampler - Surreal Things by Spring Tube Records regular Monojoke from Poland.

As a first release in the Spring Tube's year 3 they have chosen to present you the first ever 100 percent breaks package from the label. It's the full single release for one of the tracks from our second sampler - "Surreal Things" by Spring Tube's regular Monojoke from Poland.

For remixing we have invited some of their personal favourites on today's progressive breaks scene, well known producer Abdomen Burst [Solaris, Proton, Mistique, Morphosis, Silk] from Russia (this remix has got early support in Jaytech's Music Podcast), Phrakture [Polytechnic, Jetlag, A Must Have, Digital Sensational UK, Flextone] from Canada, and Parallax Breakz [Rune, Olaris, Ego Shot, Raveart, ChipSound] from Ukraine.

Also in the package can see Spring Tube's A&R Slang who together with Technodreamer delivers another interpretation for completing the single.

Monojoke - Surreal Things
Release date 14th November 2011
Label Spring Tube Records

1. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Original Mix)
2. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Abdomen Burst Remix)
3. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Parallax Breakz Remix)
4. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Phrakture Remix)
5. Monojoke - Surreal Things (Slang & Technodreamer Remix)

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