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Spherax Records presents The Queen & Joy


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 1st of Nov 2011 URL Bookmark

Eitan Carmi really needs no introduction. His new two track EP entitled The Queen & Joy marks his fourth appearance on Spherax Records and it comes with a great set of remixes from Stimpack and Ivan Demsoff.

Eitan Carmi really needs no introduction. As a veteran of the Electronic Dance Music Industry with his high energy trance productions, 5 artist albums, multiple World tours performing his dynamic live shows to thousands, Eitan has well secured his place in dance music as Fatali. Eitan's new 'Eitan Carmi' project has crossed over into the Progressive House realm. Before too long, Eitan Carmi created a handful of musical gems all distinctive of the Fatali uniqueness, though with a groovy deeper progressive house feel, welcomingly received and supported by artists who appreciate the melodic and lushly harmonious such as Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Flash Brothers, Ibiza Global Dance Radio to name just a few. Eitan's been a huge contributor for Spherax Records over the last year with 3 appearances thus far. His new two track EP entitled 'The Queen & Joy' marks his fourth appearance and it comes with a great set of remixes from: Stimpack and Ivan Demsoff.

The first original 'The Queen' leads the package off in massive fashion. Tough beats and some electrically styled sounds set the tone early. A simple but highly effective sequence of stabs adds a monumental bounce to the track which pushes the unrelenting groove towards the drop. As the breakdown commences the groove slowly fades off into the distance for a brief but dramatic silence before the massive emo lead drops for a very special moment in the record. Soaring tension and a sizable crescendo makes way for Eitan's much loved crunchy groove which finishes off this prog trance anthem in the making.

Russian producer Stimpack makes his return to Slovenia's Spherax Records once again and provides the lone remix of 'The Queen' . Daniel Shilovsky aka Stimpack has taken Eitan's original and stripped it down for a modern day melodic techno interpretation. Stimpack's intricate percussion and refined groove melds itself well with Eitan's trancier sensibilities from the original. The wonderful lead lines and soaring synths are present but in a much more understated fashion. A restrained epic from Stimpack which sits comfortably amongst his best productions to date. The second original on the package 'Joy' follows in strong fashion where 'The Queen' left off.

Eitan's crafted a warped bass line that wobbles just perfectly and the chord changes tease the emotional centres quite nicely as the piece comes to life. The spacious club groove leaves the big lead synths much room to breathe and they sound absolutely massive as the intensity rises towards the breakdown. Here we see the introduction of a squirrely lead line that soars to epic heights before Eitan's massive new school bass line drops back in for a huge dance floor moment.

Ukranian producer Ivan Demsoff has had a strong run of releases over the last several years on the Russian label Royal Tracks, here he makes his debut for Spherax and provides the lone remix of 'Joy'. Ivan's futuristic and ultra processed sound design seems crystalline in nature. The glassy electronics are absolutely electric over Ivan's rolling wall of low end frequencies. The glimmering lead from Eitan's original is showcased during the drop as it sits amidst some newly introduced bubbly sounds. As the kick drops back in the panning synths and lead line intensify towards the apex where the gut wrenching bass line thunders down for a solid finish.

Eitan Carmi - The Queen & Joy
Release date: 8th November 2011
Label: Spherax Records

1. Eitan Carmi - The Queen
2. Eitan Carmi - The Queen (Stimpack Remix)
3. Eitan Carmi - Joy
4. Eitan Carmi - Joy (Ivan Demsoff Remix)

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