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Spherax Records presents Music For The People EP


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sat. 12th of May 2012 URL Bookmark

The 52nd release on Spherax Records see Kash Trivedi making his debut on the label with his newest studio production entitled Music For The People EP which comes with remixes from Kay Mikado and DJ Kalypso.

Kash Trivedi would have to be considered one of the biggest producers in India at the moment. After a fabulous 2011 that saw releases on Mistique, Riseup and Nervous to name just a few Kash has gotten 2012 off to an amazing start with a housier approach to his productions that has already landed him a remix of pop sensation Mariah Carey. The 52nd release on Spherax Records see Kash making his debut on the label with his newest studio production entitled 'Music For The People' which comes with remixes from: Kay Mikado and DJ Kalypso.

Kash's original mix gets underway with a tough kick and some nice metallic percussion, as the drums begin to build around the piece a short drop is introduced and a very distinctive vocal sample comes to the forefront. A funky rolling bass line and some hook heavy, chopped up vocal samples form a wicked dance floor groove. This leads to the drop where the vocal elements build and intensify to a nice crescendo before the rolling funk laden groove drops back in for a big finish. A very broad genre less appeal on this cut and it shows Kash's remarkable versatility in the studio.

Kash's fellow countryman Kay Mikado is first up on the remixes and after several quality outings on Mistique, Spring Tube and Baroque he makes his debut on Spherax with a rock solid remix of 'Music For The People'. Kay has came up with a deep and subversive groove that has a wicked electric feel about it. That combined with a new twist on the vocal snips and slightly more moody and underground vibe and you've got a winning remix that complements the original perfectly.

The package is closed out by yet another superb Indian producer DJ Kalypso who is making his third appearance on Spherax after his 'Cold Sunrise' single from October of 2011 and an appearance on the 'Progressive Retrospective' compilation released just last month. DJ Kalypso's 'Music For The People' brings a much housier vibe with a bumping rhythm and punchy, stripped groove.

The addition of an extremely catchy sequence of old school keys by Kalypso provides a more than wicked dance floor hook that should have house DJs dying to drop this one prime time. Another rocking package from Spherax!

Kash Trivedi - Music For The People EP
Release date: 28th May 2012
Label: Spherax Records

1. Kash Trivedi - Music For The People
2. Kash Trivedi - Music For The People (Kay Mikado Remix)
3. Kash Trivedi - Music For The People (DJ Kalypso Remix)

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