Spectrum (Special Request Mixes) by Erol Alkan

Paul Woolford's hardcore and rave-indebted Special Request project continues its industrious hot streak, delivering two sublime, peak-time reworks of Erol Alkan's unstoppable Spectrum.

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Since its release in late 2018, Alkan's hit has been as ubiquitous as Woolford himself, gaining momentum as a staple in the sets of DJs such as Andrew Weatherall, Sven Väth and Mano Le Tough.

Beginning with the "Kaleidoscopic Mix", Special Request strips back the high-energy reverie of Alkan's original into something truly vast, building to an unmistakable and flawless acid bassline, from which emerge a brooding and dystopian network of melodies. Balancing tension and melancholy without ever losing grip of its enormous bass weight, the "Kaleidoscopic Mix" delivers ten-minutes of compelling euphoria.

On the flip, the "Double Vision" mix takes much of the same structure but places Spectrum's original, glorious riff front-and-centre once more, as if stretching it's fizzy, inherent energy out of a warehouse and towards the fields at sunrise.

Erol Alkan - Spectrum (Special Request Mixes)
Release Date
January 2020
Label Phantasy Sound

A. Spectrum (Special Request Kaleidoscopic Mix)
B. Spectrum (Special Request Double Vision Mix)

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Phantasy Sound


Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 31st of Jan 2020

Section Music
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