South Zone by Jona Sul. Photo by: Southern Fried Records
PHOTO BY Southern Fried Records

South Zone by Jona Sul


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 24th of Apr 2017 URL Bookmark

One of the close family members of the current Southern Fried roster, Jona Sul, is back with more beguiling beats. His standout original gets remixed by Matt Karmil and Bewilderbeast.

Now onto his fourth EP with the label, Jona is a Manchester based artist with real artistry in his productions. His music takes cues from all over and features deft arrangements in his very real songs. 18 months or so have gone by since he first emerged and now he has fans on dancefloors, in the media and on radio, and that is only likely to continue with this latest single.

The stunning new track is ‘South Zone’, a weightless cut that floats in a clear blue sky, with slithering synth patterns and great chord work. Subtle layering lends the whole thing a real sonic lushness as off kilter drums bring the groove below. Cut up vocal sounds add a human element and the music glistens and glows beautifully throughout. Part Caribou, part Four Tet, but wholly Jona Sul, it is a refreshing offering indeed.

Matt Karmil is someone who worked closely with Kornel Kovacs on his debut album and is a revered studio engineer who has put out beats on Idle Hands and Studio Barnhus. His version is a dubby, heavyweight rework with heavenly pads and bell sounds all sounding epic, and is sure to fill any room with emotion. Last but not least, the fantastic Bewilderbeast remix is built on solid kicks, is wired up with melodic drones and bright, warm chords and is sure to get senses tingling when dropped into any set.

This is a bright eyed and absorbing EP that really packs a musical punch.

Jona Sul - South Zone
Release Date 5th May 2017
Label Southern Fried Records

1. South Zone
2. South Zone (Matt Karmil Remix)
3. South Zone (Bewilderbeast Remix)

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