Solder Solder EP by James Teej. Photo by: James Teej
PHOTO BY James Teej

Solder Solder EP by James Teej


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 17th of Feb 2019 URL Bookmark

Canada's James Teej joins Andre Salmon and Aert Prog's Sagmen with three raw cuts entitled Solder Solder EP including a remix from Superfreq's Jay Tripwire.

With over twenty years of experience, James Teej has released on seminal labels like Rekids, Sasha’s Last Night on Earth, Rockets & Ponies and many more. Recently nominated for a Grammy having remixed Paul McCartney (collaborating with Timo Maas), Teej continues to explore all boundaries of house and techno through his productions and DJ sets across North and South America. Joining Sagmen, "Solder Solder EP" follows the likes of Jose Wated, Greg Pidcock and label bosses Andre Salmon and Aert Prog.

"Dolby B" kicks things off with crunchy textures, sharp percussion and captivating synths until Jay Tripwire’s remix delivers hypnotic minimalism, obscure modulations and a pulsating low-end, exemplary of why he’s such a longstanding and respected figure within the scene having appeared on labels like Bass Culture and Akbal.

A floaty rhythm joins eccentric vocal samples and ethereal melodies in "Solder Solder" before "Two Set Six" rounds things off with growling synth rolls, sharp drums and intriguing sonics.

James Teej - Solder Solder EP
Release Date
8th March 2019
Label Sagmen

1. Dolby B (Original Mix)
2. Dolby B (Jay Tripwire Remix)
3. Solder Solder (Original Mix)
4. Two Set Six (Original Mix)

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