Show Me by Mr. C. Photo by: Superfreq
PHOTO BY Superfreq

Show Me by Mr. C


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 14th of Sep 2018 URL Bookmark

To mark the fantastic 50th release on Superfreq, the iconic label boss himself, Mr. C steps up with a fresh new single backed by outstanding remixes from Ruede Hagelstein and Radio Rental.

This is Mr.C’s first new music since 2017’s "Incidents" album and comes after he’s steered this label through 16 years of essential and forward looking music. His style has always been rooted in sci-fi grooves and slick tech house design and this new one continues in that fine tradition, proving he is still as vital as ever.

Called "Show Me", this is six sizzling minutes of rumbling bassline taking you deep while the slick drums and pinging cow bells oil the groove. Whispered vocals add a sense of mystery and the whole thing is perfectly galactic in style and cinematic in execution.

Ruede Hagelstein is first to remix and has previously produced on Audiomatique, Bedrock and Poker Flat. His first fantastic "Synthesizer Love Mix" is more spaced out and abstract, with militant snares rolling over the drums and haunting, icy synths bring a brilliant retro-future feel.  Then comes his ‘Rave Tool’ version, a fantastically energetic and dark track with real synth drama and punchy drums making sure the floor gets sweaty.

Radio Rental is linked with Zulu Records and is an up and coming producer who will be releasing more on this label over the coming year. His remix is excellently stiff, with prodding bass stabs and metallic drums that are robotic yet funky and really draw out a fine new side to the original.

This is a suitably standout package of dynamite dance floor tracks and is a great way to celebrate 50 releases on this influential label.

Mr. C - Show Me
Release Date
September 2018
Label Superfreq

1. Show Me (Ruede Hagelstein’s Synthesizer Love Mix)
2. Show Me (Ruede Hagelstein’s Rave Tool)
3. Show Me (Radio Rental Remix)
4. Show Me (Original Mix)

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