Set In Motion EP by Brendon Moeller. Photo by: Jelmer Gremmen
PHOTO BY Jelmer Gremmen

Set In Motion EP by Brendon Moeller


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 31st of Aug 2018 URL Bookmark

Brendon Moeller offers up his "Set In Motion EP" on Echocord sub-label Echo Echo. A EP comprising of three originals from the Dub Techno veteran.

New York based producer and DJ Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy/Echologist has long been respected as one of the pioneering figures in ethereal, dubbed-out Techno with regular appearances at global hot spots like fabric, Berghain and Cielo as well as releases on labels like Third Ear, Kimochi, Neovinyl and Echocord. Here though we see Moeller joining the roster of the latter’s sub-label Echo Echo, marking its fourth release.

Title-track "Set In Motion" leads with Brendon’s signature murky synth textures at its core whilst lumpy low-end tones, shuffled hats and spiraling dub echoes fluidly undulate amongst one another throughout.

"Eastern Beach" follows, and as the name would suggest, nods towards brighter sounds with airy pads, soft bell chime synths and pulsating subs driving the composition alongside swinging, heavily reverberated percussion. "Economy" then closes the package, stripping things back to gritty dub stabs, dusty 4/4 drums and billowing noise sweeps.

Brendon Moeller - Set In Motion EP
Release Date
September 2018
Label Echo Echo/Echocord

1. Set In Motion
2. Eastern Beach
3. Economy

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