Scrambled Rhythms by Hector Moralez. Photo by: Roush

Scrambled Rhythms by Hector Moralez


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 10th of Nov 2015 URL Bookmark

Roush sure has cooked up a fine array of names to put together their latest EP, a firing house package from Hector Moralez featuring DJ Sneak and Tuccillo.

California producer and DJ Hector Moralez has worked his way up through the ranks and is now a global house star. He’s worked in record stores, collected vinyl and has loved everything from latin to soul to funk all his life, releasing Eps and albums on Music For Freaks, Robsoul, Apollonia (with Chris Carrier) and more besides. His sound knows no boundaries and here comes in fresh house form.

‘Scrambled Rhythms’ is a perfectly loop cut with nebulous synth lines twitching and sparking about with rinsed out drums and a muted acid line. A reverb rich vocal adds a human element but really this is a physical, booty shaking house cut aimed surely at the floor.

The infectious ‘Ten 30 One 33’ is a more subdued cut that bounces along a deep down groove with air hi hats and a bobbing bassline that really gets under your skin. Simple but effective club music with rainy melodies, it’s another great effort.

The first remix is by Visionquest and 2020 Vision associate Tucillo, who has been churning out chart topping tech for a while now. His refreshing take on ‘Scrambled Rhythms’ is busier and more textured than the original. The track ducks and dives with smeary synth stabs and party starting vocals all buried within the groove.

Then it is to I’m A House Gangster label boss and Chi town house hero DJ Sneak. He flips ‘Ten 30 One 33’ into a busy, no messing jackathon with restless percussion and snappy drums all demanding you dance.

This is a fulsome house package with four different cuts all equally likely to make their mark on the house community.

Hector Moralez - Scrambled Rhythms
Release Date 9th November 2015
Label Roush

1. Hector Moralez - Scrambled Rhythms
2. Hector Moralez - Ten 30 One 33
3. Hector Moralez - Scrambled Rhythms (Tuccillo Remix)
4. Hector Moralez - Ten 30 One 33 (DJ Sneak Remix)

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