Schillerkiez EP by DJ Honesty. Photo by: Vessel Records
PHOTO BY Vessel Records

Schillerkiez EP by DJ Honesty


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 22nd of Sep 2015 URL Bookmark

James Barnsley’s newly launched Vessel Records imprint’s new release is from Germany’s DJ Honesty featuring a hypnotic remix from Burnski. This is the Schillerkiez EP.

Hailing from Cologne, Hans Schaaf first release as Honesty was in 1995 via Space Teddy Recordings. Since then Schaaf moved to Berlin, performing as part of an improv-jazz band named Gelee Royale, as well as focusing on producing club music under various monikers. Schaff’s best-known pseudonyms, such as Honesty, Honeydrop and a duo named Slope alongside Cabinet founder Daniel Paul, have collectively released on the likes of Room With A View, Cabinet and Sonar Kollektiv.

Scenic samples inaugurate ‘Schillerkiez’, making way for an infectious synth hook and rippling bassline as subtle nuances come and go. ‘Off’ is a dubby and introspective production geared for the afterhours, whereas ‘Lazer’ is a low-end heavy roller featuring intricate percussion and elements of acid. UK’s Burnski, who’s released on Mobilee, Constant Sound and Holic Trax this year, then provides a mesmerising remix of ‘Schillerkiez’ with a low-slung groove and added vocal.

DJ Honesty - Schillerkiez EP
Release Date 5th October 2015
Label Vessel Records

1. Schillerkiez
2. Schillerkiez (Burnski remix)
3. Off
4. Lazer
5. Lazer Street Dub (Digital only)

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