Samana EP by Julien Jabre. Photo by: Julien Jabre
PHOTO BY Julien Jabre

Samana EP by Julien Jabre


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Samana EP marks Julien Jabre's return to his Elias imprint with two nostalgic cuts including an edit from Oscillat co-founder Lazare Hoche.

After dropping releases on Basic Recordings and Versatile, France’s Julien Jabre decided to launch Elias in 2003 as a platform to release his own music without any constraints. From 2003 to 2005 Julien dropped three records on Elias including the timeless tracks "Swimming Places" that was later released on Defected Records and "War" that went on to pick up support from the likes of Derrick May, Laurent Garnier and many other renowned DJs.

After a decade of working behind the scenes with various artists and scoring for film, Julien has decided to make a comeback on Elias following the reissue of the magical record "Stand On The World" by The Jourbert Singers with a remix from Dimitri from Paris in 2016.

"Samana (Lavant Mix)", which translates to "our sky" in Lebanese, kicks things off with alleviating melodic waves, undulating euphoria and glistening chord progression before "Far At Sea" delivers eccentric vocal loops, a pitched-down drum groove and shooting synth stabs.

Paris based producer Lazare Hoche who is 1/3 of Mandar and has a number of standout records on his Lazare Hoche Records imprint, finishes things off with an edit of "Samana" by adding an effervescent, dancefloor focused atmosphere to the original.

Julien Jabre - Samana EP
Release Date
April 2019
Label Elias

1. Samana (Levant Mix)
2. Far at Sea
3. Samana (Lazare Hoche Edit)

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