Rider EP by Lonely. Photo by: Desolat Music GroupPHOTO BY Desolat Music Group

Rider EP by Lonely

Desolat looks to producer Lonely for its latest journey in House music with 4 tracks that are set to further cement his sterling reputation. This is an excellently arresting EP from one of the best young talents in the game.

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Lonely is a young Italian producer whose earlier releases and demos were constantly played by Loco Dice. Now he joins the Desolat ranks for his own debut on the imprint. 

The EP opens up with the blistering "More", a maximal house track with busy percussion and block-rocking drums all tied up with carefree vocal cries. The magnificent "Rider" then has manic vocal loops and barreling drums sweeping you off your feet. They race along, unrelentingly, and make for a real rave atmosphere. 

Keeping up the pressure is the powerful boom-bap of "Mind" which pins you down with big, cantering kick drums and razor-sharp hi-hats. Closer "Lost" has another hard-hitting bassline and pinging drums to really make any floor explode.

Lonely - Rider EP
Release Date
October 2019
Label Desolat

1. More
2. Rider
3. Mind
4. Lost (Beatport Exclusive)

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Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 23rd of Oct 2019

Section Music
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