Revolving EP by Right On. Photo by: Gruuv RecordingsPHOTO BY Gruuv Recordings

Revolving EP by Right On

Germany born twenty-year-old producer Right On releases "Revolving EP" on Audiojack’s Gruuv featuring three original tracks.

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Opening with ‘Revolving’ Right On delivers shuffling house percussion, dark atmospheres and sprinkles of acid that set a dark but exciting tone, occasional hints of melody balance the track nicely making ‘Revolving’ a solid opening cut.

‘Recollecting’ follows suit, powered by a strong low end that interacts effortlessly with the crisply mixed drums whilst synthesised oddities allow the track to progress and keep the listener engaged.

Right On then closes with ‘Once The Dust Has Settled’, a track that breaks down with sustained bass tones, melodic progressions and a warped vocal that builds euphoria before returning to the stripped-back aesthetic heard across the whole project.

Right On - Revolving EP
Release Date
September 2017
Label Gruuv Recordings

1. Revolving
2. Recollecting
3. Once The Dust Has Settled

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Gruuv Recordings


Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 4th of Oct 2017

Section Music
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