Maxime Dangles. Photo by: Maxime Dangles
PHOTO BY Maxime Dangles

Resilience L.P by Maxime Dangles


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 13th of Apr 2015 URL Bookmark

Maxime Dangles is due to deliver his debut L.P Resilience via Parisian imprint Skyrptom, comprising twelve tracks from the French producer and a remix from Techno veteran's Slam.

Maxime Dangles has carved out quite the production career over his nine years in the industry, making his debut on Cologne’s Kompakt imprint, Dangles can also most notably be heard gracing imprints such as Oliver Koletzki and Florian Meindl’s FLASH, Herzblut and of course Skryptom where he returns to here to offer up with debut album.

Skyptom is a Parisian based imprint established in 2006 by Electric Rescue and over its nine year standing has welcome the likes of Traumer, Laurent Garnier, Truncate and Jonas Kopp into its catalogue to carve out the label’s signature Techno infused sound.

Across the ‘Resilience’ L.P we hear Maxime offer up a cross breed of styles from the off-kilter atmospheric feel of ‘Borderland’, ‘Burn’ and ‘VIII’ through to more straight and direct Techno cuts like ‘Rough’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Ventricule’. More experimental offerings are provided too such as the ever blossoming, eerie vibe found in ‘Ride The Snake’, ‘Doctor Rules’ and ‘Pressure ft. Gran Cavalerie’. Further gritty electronic workouts come in the shape of ‘Amsterhodes’ and ‘Withstand’ and all in all the ‘Resilience’ L.P shines a light on Maxime’s progressions as a producer, painting the bigger picture of his broad and discerning sound palette.

Alongside the L.P Maxime will be touring his LED Live show which he tells us "The main idea was to provide a visual concept adapted to an average scene: inexpensive, easy to assemble & disassemble, easy to carry, and especially easy to use without any major technical means."

Maxime Dangles - Resilience L.P
Release date 11th May 2015
Label Skryptom

1. Maxime Dangles - VIII (Original mix)
2. Maxime Dangles - Amsterhodes (Original Mix)
3. Maxime Dangles - Rough (Original Mix)
4. Maxime Dangles - Doctor Rules (Original Mix)
5. Maxime Dangles - Borderland (Original Mix)
6. Maxime Dangles - Pressure feat. Gran Cavaliere (Original mix)
7. Maxime Dangles - Ventricule (Original Mix)
8. Maxime Dangles - Face Reality (Original Mix)
9. Maxime Dangles - Ride The Snake Feat. Change in Geometry (Original Mix)
10. Maxime Dangles - Burn (Original Mix)
11. Maxime Dangles - Withstand (Original Mix)
12. Maxime Dangles - Resilience (Original Mix)
13. Maxime Dangles - Face Reality (Slam Remix)

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