Redeemer EP by Glen Brady. Photo by: East Recordings
PHOTO BY East Recordings

Redeemer EP by Glen Brady


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 21st of Jun 2015 URL Bookmark

Release number five from East Recordings features the organic house beats and the melodic down tempo vibes of Glen Brady.

Already internationally reknowned for his solo production work as DJ Wool and as one half of US Indie-dance act The Glass, 2015 sees this accomplished producer releasing under his actual name for the first time in nearly a decade. Glen’s new sound is warm, organic and recorded live on analogue gear.

A new name, a new sound and now a new label. The Redeemer EP sees Glen link up with fellow Dubliner, Pablo del Monte (Paul Whelan), to release on his recently established East Recordings label based in London.

The lead track of the 4-tracker EP, Redeemer, matches a pulsing sub with live house beats and Sasha-esque synths for a truly uplifting affair. The slo-house of Baby Maker and the achingly beautiful downtempo Once Was Glamour are on-trend in keeping with a producer who is always one step ahead of the curve. And to finish a well-rounded EP the acid stabs and pulsing bassline of Rathmines Rock are designed primarily for the club and have been rocking deep, tech and house dancefloors in equal measure.

Glen Brady - Redeemer EP
Release date 14th July 2015
Label East Recordings

Glen Brady - Redeemer
Glen Brady - Baby Maker
Glen Brady - Rathmines Rock
Glen Brady - Once Was Glamour

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