Rain Maker EP by Diego Montiel. Photo by: Flyer Key
PHOTO BY Flyer Key

Rain Maker EP by Diego Montiel


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Flyer Key is a new label with the main purpose of transmitting a new kind of sounds, elaborated with characteristic percussions and rhythms of tech house, but with techno as their biggest influence.

There are a lot of producers taking part in this project, residing in Barcelona; usually playing in the city's main clubs, as well as others artists from different capitals of the world, such as Berlin, Milano, Buenos Aires and Santiago De Chile.

'Rain Maker' is the first EP at Flyer Key, consisting of three tracks by Diego Montiel, which are full of fresh melodies and sharp groovy rhythms; this work will touch you and make you dance, discovering different textures and beating you with its strong, fat kick. Diego Montiel was born in Buenos Aires, after being involved in music since a young age; he really became devoted to electronic music after leaving his native country Argentina and moved to Barcelona, Spain.

Alongside DJing, he developed as a techno and tech house producer. Currently, he is performing his new live set in Spain and several other countries around the world, consisting of 20 self-produced tracks, which are executed with live arrangements, such as different sounds, vocals and percussions.

Diego Montiel - Rain Maker EP
Release date 1st September 2015
Label Flyer Key

1. Diego Montiel - Flyer Key (Original Mix)
2. Diego Montiel - Kita Sando (Original Mix)
3. Diego Montiel - Rain Maker (Original Mix)
4. Diego Montiel - Yoyogi's Ghost (Original Mix)

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