Pull Back by Sinfol. Photo by: Anagram Label
PHOTO BY Anagram Label

Pull Back by Sinfol


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 12th of Apr 2018 URL Bookmark

Amsterdam based label Anagram readies label co-founder Sinfol’s first solo release in three years entitled "Pull Back". The release, which features four passionate tracks, sees the light of day in April 2018.

Since the launch of Anagram three years ago the label has put out a steady flow of releases from artists such as Anetha, Octual, Stefan Vincent, Elad Magdasi and Haze. However, the imprint has also acted as the main platform for Sinfol’s own productions. Blurring the line between various subgenres, the Dutch artist is an eclectic one and meanders between acid, house, techno and more.

The chords and arpeggios set the mood in "Life Off Measure" where robotic elements rise to meet them, carving the way for "Result" with its oscillating tones, clap fueled percussion and three-o-three licks. "Pull Back" is packed with a thunderous energy that’s intertwined with Sinfol’s soulful vocals and ethereal synths, before swaying into deep house territory with "Exhale". The track’s rolling bass, broken drums and twinkling melodies round off the latest instalment on the rising Amsterdam label off in a graceful manner.

Sinfol - Pull Back
Release Date
April 2018
Label Anagram Label

1. Life Off Measure
2. Result
3. Pull Back
4. Exhale

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