Audiojack. Photo by: Gruuv Recordings
PHOTO BY Gruuv Recordings

Psychonautics (Remixes) EP by Audiojack


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 4th of May 2015 URL Bookmark

The Gruuv imprint delivers an exciting remix package featuring DJ W!ld, Brett Johnson and David Mayer interpretations of tracks from Audiojack’s recently released Psychonautics EP.

Just before Gruuv starts its run of 5 Years EP’s the label delivers a remix package of Audiojack’s ‘Pscyhonautics’ EP which picked up support from the likes of Roman Fluegel, Dusky, Huxley and Loco Dice. Here we see the label enlist the talents of three driving forces in contemporary electronic music, namely Catwash main man DJ W!ld, Keinemusik’s David Mayer and Classic’s Brett Johnson.

The DJ W!ld take on ‘Scarlett Groove’ kicks things off and French producer reshapes the original composition into a brooding eight minute workout built around upfront rhythms, snaking bass grooves and howling atmospherics.

David Mayer’s take of ‘Luna’ follows and remolds the original number into a bass led cut with sparse percussion bouncing around the infectious and protruding square wave bass hook. Last up to close the package Brett Johnson delivers his ‘Tech Workout’ remix of title track ‘Psychonaut and in typical fashion from Johnson we’re treated to bumpy drums, mind-bending synth blips and a generally frenetic groove for a near nine minutes.

Audiojack - Psychonautics EP
Release date 25th May 2015
Label Gruuv Recordings

1. Scarlett Groove (DJ W!ld Remix)
2. Luna (David Mayer Remix)
3. Psychonaut (Brett Johnson Remix)

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