Aaron Snapes. Photo by: Aaron Snapes
PHOTO BY Aaron Snapes

Phantom by Aaron Snapes


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 23rd of Mar 2015 URL Bookmark

Early May will see the release of Aaron Snapes Phantom via Los Angeles based imprint Perfect Driver Music.

UK based artist Aaron Snapes has shaped up nicely over the past two years with accolades from Gorgon City and Todd Edwards, releases on Dirtybird, Food Music and CR2, plus further support from Radio 1 tastemakers Pete Tong and Annie Mac. Here we see Aaron return to the label he made his debut on in 2012, namely Perfect Driver Music, which has released material from Doug English, Mark Starr and James Robinson.

With the sole cut on the package, ‘Phantom’, we’re treated to Snapes’ signature frenetic and bass heavy style, laid out over its seven-minute duration with gritty broken rhythms, whispering vocal murmurs and fluttering, resonant synth licks. Howling synth tones, synth blips and unrelenting doses of sub bass with growling square wave hooks then add a further intrigue to the composition as it unfolds and re-builds, gradually changing in pitch throughout to create yet another fascinating offering from this rising talent.

Aaron Snapes - Phantom
Release date 4th May 2015
Label Perfect Driver Music

1. Phantom

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