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Panguna EP by Keluar


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
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The 22nd release on Zone Music is a very special one that comes in the form of a limited edition 300 copy run on vinyl. Featuring three exceptional originals by Keluar and one fine remix from The Hacker, this is another gem from the esteemed label.

Keluar is a Berlin based duo that marries the vocals of Zoè Zanias (“which explore personal and emotional themes in the guise of natural and supernatural phenomenon”) with the electronic beats of Sid Lamar. Inspired by synth pop and dark wave, the music of Keluar is experimental and minimal, pairs vintage hardware with software, has so far produced plenty of fine EPs and, to date, has found a welcome home on Desire Records.

Excellent opener ‘Instinct’ is a perfectly post apocalyptic track with shooting electronics and punchy drums. The centre piece though, is the vocals, which cut through the inviting darkness with real poise and purpose. It’s a robust track that is followed by ‘Panguna,’ another tightly coiled, strident bit of noir avant pop. Here slapping drums, tough arps and Zanias’ vocals all canter along with a real sense of bite and bile.

‘Volition’ is a slower, more intergalactic and spookily spaced out affair with squelchy chords, steppy drum and percussive patterns and heavenly vocal acrobatics. Lastly, famed electronic wizard The Hacker tackles a remix of ‘Panguna’ flipping it into a devilishly rugged dark disco stomper with electro flashes deep in its bones and a stark vocal breakdown that is sure to grab your attention.

This is a darkly captivating EP that goes way beyond the dance floor and is a landmark release for both artist and label.

Keluar - Panguna EP
Release date 15th June 2015
Label Zone Music

01. Keluar - Instinct
02. Keluar - Panguna
03. Keluar - Volition
04. Keluar - Panguna (The Hacker Remix)

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