Overdue EP by Radio Slave

Rekids founder Radio Slave readies a colossal double A-side titled Overdue EP ahead of an album coming in September this year.

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“‘The Revenge’ is my homage to clubs like “Rage" and my days growing up in London", says Matt Edwards. “The Reverse’ came from some late night studio sessions in February and I’ve had a lot of fun playing this out. All I can say is it’s very me - stripped back and made for the dance floor”.

Urban field recordings and a spoken word sample set the tone in ‘Revenge’ before an onslaught of breaks erupt into a frenzy; the overall aesthetic borrows upon numerous UK rave hallmarks whilst sounding fresh and impeccably geared for modern DJ use. Meanwhile, ‘Reverse’ is a quintessential Radio Slave record with its polished production, repetitive minimalism and atmospheric aura - rounding off a two-tracker expertly produced with the dancefloor in mind.

Radio Slave - Overdue EP
Release Date 23rd June 2017
Label Rekids

A. Revenge
AA. Reverse

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Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 25th of Jun 2017

Section Music
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