Off Week BCN - Part 2 by ElRow Music. Photo by: ElRow Music
PHOTO BY ElRow Music

Off Week BCN - Part 2 by Kaluki Musik


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sat. 17th of Jun 2017 URL Bookmark

Two of the most respected promoters and imprints in underground house, ElRow Music and Kaluki Musik, join forces for a two part various artists release entitled "Off Week BCN".

The release will be split across the two labels, the first one via Elrow and the second, Kaluki Musik. As highly esteemed global brands respectively Elrow and Kaluki have toured the globe with their events while the labels have played host to material from some of the contemporary scene’s household names such as Bontan, Patrick Topping, Solardo and Max Chapman amongst many more.

Cozzy D opens the second part of the package with ‘Rood’ and the Londoner lays down a heady drum workout, choppy bass samples and soaring vocals before David Glass & Kinnerman’s ‘Backbeat’ tips things over to groove-led percussive realms. Davina Moss’s ‘Bajato’ then shifts focus over to a classic acid vibe with frenzied 303 licks and old school drums before Jacky brings his contemporary edge via bulbous sub, shuffled snare rolls, and pitched and processed vocal hits.

Mirko Di Florio’s ‘Bad Influences’ steps up next with hip house vocals, swinging rhythms and a driving low end ahead of PAX’s distorted drum grooves and heady repetitive vocal hooks. Kaluki founders Pirate Copy then turn in ‘Go Psycho’ led by organic percussion and vacillating subs before Vibe Killers close with the moody minimalistic vibe of ‘Still On It’.

Various Artists - Off Week BCN VA Part 2
Release Date
19th June 2017
Label Kaluki Musik

1. Cozzy D - Rood
2. David Glass & Kinnerman - Backbeat
3. Davino Moss - Bajato
4. Jacky - Laterz
5. Mirko Di Florio - Bad Influences
6. PAX - Psychonaut
7. Pirate Copy - Go Psycho
8. Vibe Killers - Still On It

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ElRow Music
Kaluki Musik



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