Observatory L by M.F.S Observatory

Observatory Music starts off the year with five new cuts from label bosses and Italian duo M.F.S: Observatory in the shape of "Observatory L".


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 11th of Jan 2018 URL Bookmark

Observatory L by M.F.S Observatory. Photo by: Observatory Music
PHOTO BY Observatory Music

Made up of Naples based Matthias Turchetti and Francesco Cozzolino these friends have released two albums and plenty of EPs that fuse powerful house and techno tropes into tasteful club tracks. They have done so on labels like Little Helpers, alphahouse and UNO. as well as, of course, their own Observatory Music.

The latest offering opens up with the brilliantly heavy and atmospheric "L1", a stomping warehouse track with a gurgling bassline that will send fists pumping. Vocal chants add the emotive touch needed to make this one a simple but effective weapon. "L2" is a more skipping garage track with chopped up vocals and glistening hi hats cutting through the muggy, dusty house aesthetic. Low slung and designed for the club, it’s another high grade cut.

The macho "L3" again ups the ante with swirling pads, big drums and dubbed out chords all making for an intoxicating brew. Fiery vocals jump out of the groove and drum fills and clever filters all help make this a writhing house monster. The gritty and grainy "L4" keeps up the pressure with more bulky drums, scraping hits and smart little vocal samples, then "L5" closes things out in absorbing and swaggering dub techno fashion.

These are tastefully crafted, hugely effective club tracks that are functional but also full of character.

M.F.S: Observatory - Observatory L
Release Date
15th January 2018
Label Observatory Music

1. M.F.S: Observatory - L1
2. M.F.S: Observatory - L2
3. M.F.S: Observatory - L3
4. M.F.S: Observatory - L4
5. M.F.S: Observatory - L5

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