Objects Remixed by Kito Jempere. Photo by: Ivan Chernov
PHOTO BY Ivan Chernov

Objects Remixed by Kito Jempere


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 13th of Oct 2015 URL Bookmark

Kito Jempere get's remixed on Fata Morgana by a plethora of talent, including HNNY, Jacques Renault, OOFT!, Simple Symmetry, Linja and more.

The St Petersburg-based DJ and Producer also known as Kirill Sergeev is a member of the Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club and has released on Tusk Wax, Teardrop, What’s In The Box and Glenview as part of the 8 member band. As Kito Jempere, his debut solo EP ‘Confusion’ was released on Jimpster’s mighty Freerange label which gives you an idea of the quality of his work.

Nine of thirteen remixes on this impressive collection have previously dropped on vinyl however this will be the first time all remixes are released digitally. Each and every contribution does justice to the Russian producers stripped-back and groove-driven production style, with thumping drums and infectious hooks laced throughout the dynamic re-imaginings.

Kito Jempere - Objects Remixed
Release Date 9th October 2015
Label Fata Morgana

01. Kito Jempere - Typewriter (HNNY Remix)
02. Kito Jempere - Järvi (Selvy interpretation)
03. Kito Jempere - In The Midnight w Yana Blinder (Linja Remix)
04. Kito Jempere - Lumo (Simple Symmetry Remix)
05. Kito Jempere - Gas Station (Arsenii Remix)
06. Kito Jempere - Virheitaa (Cold Chillin' Inkswel Remix)
07. Kito Jempere - Typewriter (Ptaki Remix)
08. Kito Jempere - HW Whales (Ruf Dug Remix)
09. Kito Jempere - Kallio (Titonton Flip)
10. Kito Jempere - Emotion (Jacques Renault Remix)
11. Kito Jempere - Gas Station (OOFT! Remix)
12. Kito Jempere - HW Whales (Jackethat Remix)
13. Kito Jempere - Gas Station (Juju & Jordash Remix)

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