No More Conversations by Sandeman

Get Physical Music is seeing the return of Edinburgh based Sandeman with the single No More Conversations.

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Stuart Sandeman, now known as Sandeman established himself as a member of the Wildkats outfit with material for the likes of Hot Creations, AVOTRE, Made To Play and of course his very own You Are We imprint which he co-founded. Following from last years EP with John Monkman for Crosstown Rebels sub label Rebellion, Stuart returns under his Sandeman guise with a new composition and new musical angle for Get Physical.

No More Conversations sees Stuart embrace a brooding, raw and dark feel via bumpy rhythms, gritty dub stabs and rumbling sub bass alongside a constantly wandering and modulating arpeggio synth lead and sporadic bass as the record unfolds into a peak crescendo of glitched out synths and heady percussion.

Sandeman - No More Conversations
Release Date June 2016
Label Get Physical Music

1. No More Conversations

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23rd of Jun 2016



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