Need Role EP by Lowheads. Photo by: Strictly Rhythm
PHOTO BY Strictly Rhythm

Need Role EP by Lowheads


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 15th of Oct 2015 URL Bookmark

Lowheads may be a fresh name to the electronic music world, but the duo have a unique sound and distinct production style that is quickly gaining recognition.


Lowheads have already collaborated with Flashmob and are now releasing their first EP ‘Need Role’, on the seminal house music imprint Strictly Rhythm.
‘Need Role EP’ has a colourfully lit analogue soundscape. The dubby undertones in ‘Morphrhodes’ roll with infectious rhythm, while title track ‘Need Role’ is a pure house groove with a spoken word and looping gospel vocal that hint to its old school flair when combined with 808 claps and a heavy hitting kick drum.

Lowheads - Need Role EP
Release Date 12th October 2015
Label Strictly Rhythm

1. Need Role
2. Need Role (Dub Mix)
3. Morphrhodes

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