Monsoon LP by Artefakt. Photo by: De Stijl

Monsoon LP by Artefakt


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 12th of May 2019 URL Bookmark

Dutch pair Artefakt step away from their own new label De Stijl and onto Svreca’s celebrated deep techno outlet Semantica Records for a fantastic sophomore album entitled Monsoon.

This release follows their 2017 long player on Delsin which was a masterful mix of ambient, techno, electro and acid. Since then Robin Koek and Nick Lapien have continued evolving their moody melancholic sounds on Konstrukt, Field Records, Deep Sound Channel and their new label, De Stijl. The artwork for the album is based on Nick’s photography, while the eight tracks within take you on a deep trip into an absorbing world of meditative ambient techno.

Opening with an aesthetic constructed by dreamless ambiance, opener "The Lost Centre" casts you free to drift in an infinite cosmos before you’re swept up by the sleek metallic grooves of "Monsoon". Next up, minimal drum programming and cavernous synth work makes up "Undulations", moving into the broken beat pattern and icy atmospheres of "Vertigo". "Ossature" and "Inverted Forest" then pair deft sound design with rumbling hypnotic rhythms that keep you in a trance.

After the serene, dubbed out and weightless drums of "Celluoid Dreams", the album concludes its spellbinding journey with "Nimbus" - a zoned out beauty with liquid tones that leave you feeling truly cleansed. This is another complete and comprehensive work of techno beauty from two of the genre’s most consistently innovative artists.

Artefakt - Monsoon LP
Release Date
May 2019
Label Semantica Records

1. The Lost Centre
2. Monsoon
3. Undulations
4. Vertigo
5. Ossature
6. Inverted Forest
7. Celluloid Dreams
8. Nimbus

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