Various Artists - Warm Textures 4. Photo by: Mirabilis Records
PHOTO BY Mirabilis Records

Mirabilis Records presents Warm Textures 4


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 19th of Jul 2015 URL Bookmark

It's been a while since Mirabilis Records last Warm Textures series, but it might just be worth the wait!

The "Warm Textures 4" is a small compilation that reflects the sound that Mirabilis Records is known for as well as showing the diverse talents from their steady stable of talent. Bowsie kick things off with their "Foglights". Crisp beats, driving bassline and hypnotic synth riffs make sure this will come handy in different moments of your sets!

Napalm & D-Phrag are back with "Overload" which sees the dynamic duo explore more techno tinged territories. "Overload" is based on a rolling groove while the pounding sub bass and sinister riffs put the cherry on top.

Matt Black's "Cuckoos Nest" is one hell of a builder! The groove builds up layer after layer while the bass and dynamic synth arpeggios get to their full effect in the second half of the track and make sure the dancefloor explodes.

Daniel Glover delivers "Expanding Sky". He goes in with a potent and crisp groove while various melodic elements build up the atmosphere. Closing this edition is Forniva with his "Koroshiya". Deep and tech grooves meet the pulsating bassline and tripped out synths to deliver a fine slice of tech meets prog combo.

Various Artists - Warm Textures 4
Release date 17th August 2015
Label Mirabilis Records

01. Bowsie - Foglights (Original Mix)
02. Napalm, D-phrag - Overload (Original Mix)
03. Matt Black - Cuckoos Nest (Original Mix)
04. Daniel Glover - Expanding Sky (Original Mix)
05. Forniva - Koroshiya (Original Mix)

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