Mikrometeorittene by KSMISK. Photo by: Dag Knudsen
PHOTO BY Dag Knudsen

Mikrometeorittene by KSMISK


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 18th of Feb 2018 URL Bookmark

Scandinavian duo KSMISK return to Norwegian techno imprint PLOINK to drop their debut album "Mikrometeorittene".


Real names Truls Kvam and Robin Crafoord, KSMISK made a name for themselves as Trulz & Robin with releases on Planet Noise and Cymasonic, not to mention Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp and Rett I Fletta. Since launching their KSMISK project in 2015 the pair have returned to some of these labels whilst also dropping two releases on renowned Bergen-based techno label PLOINK, of which 2017’s "Magma EP" is the precursor to their inaugural album "Mikrometeorittene".

Opening the package is the ominous and beatless "Lonsdaleite", setting the tone for an otherworldly aesthetic throughout. Off-kilter kicks then rain down in "Silicate" as sinister drones ebb in and out of the mix before meandering back into a ghostly ambient cut named "Vesta". Crunchy percussion and tantalising atmospherics then make up "Blitz", moving into the twisted and syncopated "Marinate" until the raw sounding "Spherules" exhibits a compelling groove combined with echoing effects. The dusky "Wustite" sees the album retreat from 4/4 once again, returning for the effervescent "Westergas" before concluding on a melancholic outro entitled "Chondrites".

For this release 2x12" LP PLOINK will release 100 numbered and limited grey vinyl as well as the usual black vinyl.

KSMISK - Mikrometeorittene
Release Date
23rd February 2018
Label Ploink

1. Lonsdaleite
2. Silicate
3. Vesta
4. Blitz
5. Marinate
6. Spherules
7. Wustite
8. Westergas
9. Chondrites
10. The Journey - Bonus (Full Album Continous Mix)

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