Fiona Beeson. Photo by: Fiona Beeson
PHOTO BY Fiona Beeson

Mementos EP by Fiona Beeson


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 28th of Jun 2015 URL Bookmark

Fiona Beeson drops her new EP, Mementos EP, packed with solid consistent energy from start to finish.


Mementos EP is a collection of memories that tell a story of emotion, flourishing with raw conviction and lasting impressions. Featuring two original tracks, a re-ravenetor remix by INXEC and a NuDisco-Jaen-House remix by Jaen Paniagua.

No doubt Beesound Recordings is stepping up to the plate to continue the labels previous success this EP is an everlasting memento!

Fiona Beeson - Mementos EP
Release Date 30th June 2015
Label Beesound Recordings

1 Fiona Beeson - Mementos (Original Mix)
2 Fiona Beeson - Mementos (INXEC's RE-Ravenator Remix)
3 Fiona Beeson - Telepathy (Original Mix)
4 Fiona Beeson - Persuasion (Jaen Paniagua Remix)

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