Mauro Picotto. Photo by: Alchemy Records
PHOTO BY Alchemy Records

Mauro Picotto presents Manipulator


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 17th of Mar 2011 URL Bookmark

For its 16th release, Alchemy is back with the master of the house himself: Sir Mauro Picotto.

For its 16th release, Alchemy is back with the master of the house himself: Sir Mauro Picotto. As usual, Mauro's been very busy touring, running his parties all around the world, preparing his festival … but he always finds time to get to the studio to deliver dance floor bombs.

Here he goes again with Manipulator: a masterpiece especially tailored to make your legs jump, your ass swing and your mind escape all worries. The track starts with a shuffled bouncy beat and some synth bleeps underlined by a solid bassline , within a few minutes more subtle elements, voice snippets come to complete the whole thing and bring it to its peak where special effects take it to the top.

The man from Essen D. Diggler (Resopal) liked the track and Mauro offered him to reinterpret it. We can witness here a great version of Manipulator : The Shuffled beat is still here, but with a slightly different sound, processed through some effects.

More found sound noises create a different mood , and the vocal hooks and synths got tweaked by some special ingredients to complete the receipe. A must have !!

Mauro Picotto - Manipulator
Release date 8th April 2011
Label Alchemy Records

1. Mauro Picotto - Manipulator
2. Mauro Picotto - Manipulator (D. Diggler Remix)

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