Mark Pritchard. Photo by: Warp Records
PHOTO BY Warp Records

Mark Pritchard presents Make A Livin EP


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 31st of Oct 2013 URL Bookmark

Mark Pritchard delivers Make A Livin EP, the third and final EP in advance of his new full length album on Warp Records.


Mark Pritchard delivers ‘Make A Livin’’, the third and final EP in advance of his new full length album on Warp Records.
‘Make A Livin’ EP spans rave (‘Jack’), dub, footwork, jungle and 8-bit (‘Fabulous Fred’) – with the title track alone a synthesis of those and more. Drawing its vocal sample from the cult 20th Century Steel Band track ‘Heaven & Hell’, ‘Make A Livin’ is a milestone Pritchard production; expropriating the sample into a half-time beat awash with sirens before switching up to jungle.
Mark Pritchard has previously been known under many guises - most recently Africa Hi-Tech, Harmonic 313, and Harmonic 33. Now working solely under his own name, consolidating his production styles has opened up possibilities and given Pritchard the freedom to explore new music as well as yet unreleased projects. Speaking with SPIN in August:
“As soon as I said 'I'm just going to use my own name' - which is a weird thing to do; names that you think up have a vibe, and using your own name is a bit weird, not as catchy - it felt positive. Freeing me up to release whatever I want, whenever I want - a really strong ambient tune from five years ago can sit next to something from last week."
Mark Pritchard’s as yet untitled album will be released early 2014 on Warp Records.

Mark Pritchard - Make A Livin EP
Release date 11th November 2013
Label Warp Records

01. Make A Livin’
02. Fabulous Fred
03. Jack
04. Natty

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