Marcel Lune EP by Marcel Lune. Photo by: Studio Rockers
PHOTO BY Studio Rockers

Marcel Lune EP by Marcel Lune


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 27th of Apr 2015 URL Bookmark

Studio Rockers returns with a five-track package from Marcel Lune, featuring remixes from EVM128 and Redpine & Solo aptly named the Marcel Lune EP.

Tony Thorpe has been pressing “go” on some quality releases of late with a stellar debut EP from Redpine & Solo having just hit the shelves, and work by Bunny On Acid and EVM128 coming out last year. Now the Studio Rockers head honcho brings to you the new EP by Bristol’s Marcel Lune (aka Motz Workman) who last summer guested on the Studio Rockers takeover of GetDarkerTV, released the ‘Intergalactic Dance Floor Massacre’ EP on the label in 2013, and has had previous releases on Loco Dooms and Audio Doughnuts.

Lead track, Fantasia ft. Haze, sets the tone of this sun-drenched five tracker, with a laid back tempo and dreamy, multi-tracked vocals from Haze. To proceed we have Nookula, another jazzy hip-hop influenced track employing muted trumpet samples and flowing disco strings to build things, before unfolding into a maximalist funk-infused groove. On dub influenced house track Gully Rhythm, a whistled tune sits over a deep sub-bass hook and snippets of time stretched and chopped vocal samples.

Two remixes of lead track Fantazia ft. Haze round up this EP and a shuffling 2 step sets the groove in EVM128’s remix recalling early noughties UK garage. Things get a bit more serious and dramatic on Redpine & Solo’s DnB reworking of the lead track as the drums ebb and flow from a sparse minimal use to building a full-pelt punch at the height of the track.   

Marcel Lune - Marcel Lune EP
Release date 19th May 2015
Label Studio Rockers

1. Fantazia ft. Haze
2. Nookula
3. Gully Rhythm
4. Fantazia ft. Haze (EVM128 remix)
5. Fantazia ft. Haze (Redpine & Solo remix)

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