Malus EP by Mattr. Photo by: Faceless Recordings
PHOTO BY Faceless Recordings

Malus EP by Mattr


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 13th of Mar 2018 URL Bookmark

Faceless Recordings returns with a three-track EP from Berlin based producer and DJ Mattr aka Matthew Clugston entitled "Malus".

The past four years have seen Faceless Recordings develop a roster of fresh up and coming talents from across the globe, forever pushing forward thinking material from developing acts like Mundane and Bambook whilst welcoming big hitters like Audiojack, Droog and Timo Maas onto the label via remix duties.

Here we see the label once again pushing new talent, this time round it’s Matthew Clugston aka Mattr joining the roster, a fledgling UK born now Berlin based artist on the rise.

Up first on the package is "Achras", a hypnotic, melodious opener fuelled by vacillating synth tones, airy sub bass pulses and soft bell chimes as broken rhythms float below to carry the groove. "Musa" follows and takes a straighter approach rhythmically while keeping the ethereal aesthetic at it’s core via heavily reverberated chords, glitching synth clicks and soaring pad swells.

"Pyrus" then rounds out the release on a darker tip with organic drums, sweeping filtered synth arps and a rumbling low-end drive.

Mattr - Malus EP
Release Date
March 2018
Label Faceless Recordings

1. Achras
2. Musa
3. Pyrus

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