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Lowlands EP by Eggo


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 6th of Jan 2015 URL Bookmark

French techno and electronic music label, A-Traction returns with a stand-out new single from emerging talent Eggo, featuring a remix from Shekon.


Marc Ayats’ A-Traction label has been pushing quality electronic music and more for close on fifteen years now, collaborating with artists such as Traumer, Vitalic, Agoria, Scan X and the Youngsters to name but a few. Based in Dijon in the French heartland, the imprint has built a sterling reputation and received commendations from leading magazines such as Trax and Tsugi for it’s eclectic take on techno.

Now the label marks it’s 30th release with a single from rising talent Eggo, a producer who featured on the label’s ‘Architekts (vol.2)’ compilation earlier this year. Eggo has also, over the last two years released several Ep’s on labels including Timid Records and Manual Music as well as remixing for labels such as Kitsune.

His latest release kicks off with ‘Girona’, an ethereal and haunting slice of broken beat electronica that arrives on an extended atmospheric intro before dropping skittering drums and sub bass to great effect. Hypnotic and darkly melodic, this is primed as much for the home listener as it is the club. Next up we have ‘Delta’ which sees Eggo head squarely for the dance floor with an emotive piece of leftfield techno build around intense synth lines, rumbling bass and relentless drums.

Sat at the middle of the package is the robust and rousing ‘Strobes’, a peak time techno workout featuring arpeggiated synth lines and otherworldly melodies that build, drop and build to an epic climax. The final original comes in the shape of ‘Lowlands’, a sonic soundscape that eschews all percussion in favour of pulsing bass and alien sounding aural textures. This original provides a perfect pallet for Nantes based techno producer Shekon to work his remix magic, delivering as he does a floor filling and direct version that still retains much of the original’s dark atmosphere.

This is another solid release from the A-Traction label and yet another indicator of Eggo’s undoubted production talents.

Eggo - Lowlands EP
Release date 5th January 2015
Label A-Traction Records

1. Girona
2. Delta
3. Strobes
4. Lowlands
5. Lowlands (Shekon remix)

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